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Our Intent

We hope The Dream Certificate reminds all of us to never give up on our dreams and to always trust with love in God. 

We hope to inspire everyone, especially our children, who are all miracles waiting to hatch.  We hope to do this through unconditional love and an uncompromising promise to ourselves and each other to always be growing, always be gaining towards goal, to constantly seek new perspectives, and to remember to learn from others as equally as we teach and guide. 


We offer our hope through Jesus Christ our Lord God. 


To connect all things we must accept all things, and often the simplest way to show love and acceptance is by sharing something, for as one we can truly elevate each other to heights unimaginable by any individual alone.

By sharing The Dream Certificate you are making a statement of love, of acceptance, of support.  You are making a statement for and with God.  That sounds like A Good Intention to us!

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