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My Story

I am a father, a man, one with God and the universal consciousness; firmly connected to all life and ever striving to be A Good Intention to everything with which I interact.  I have spent a lifetime trying to figure out how to structure and apply helping others in one holistic way while constantly doing my best to help those around me.  I spent over a decade as a Business Intelligence and Data Architect consultant working with dozens of organizations around the world.  I built a practice from the ground up and at the height of my career, I was running a multi-million dollar practice with over a dozen consultants within one of the largest firms in the country.  After this adventure, I spent four years on Wall Street trading commodities.  These unique experiences and all the highs and lows and extremes they presented my consciousness shifts; both joy and tears have provided me the opportunity to gain insight into many worlds that are truly all interconnected.  I share through listening and guidance with my unique and unparalleled frame of reference. I share all this in celebration; with A Good Intention Dream Certificate and Life Consciousness Coaching.

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