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Share a Dream Certificate™, and together, make a dream come true


Dream Certififcate GOD scanned.png

The Dream Certificate™

The Dream Certificate™ is a beautiful gift from God.  Consider it one of many physical representations of God's love for us.  To the recipient it says "I love you and I believe in you", and it has the power to breathe life into their lives and dreams forever. 


The Dream Certificate™ is a great gift for graduation, sacraments, life milestones/events, birthdays, weddings, work promotions, and so many more special occasions.

The Dream Certificate™ comes with "How to Partner with God" booklet.  This is a principle-based guide to being your best and doing so with God.


Our hope is that by sharing The Dream Certificate™ and following the principles in the "Partner with God" booklet, one will bring to life the experience God intended for you, that is full of God's grace and led by our perfect and loving Lord God Jesus Christ.

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